Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gift wrapping idea

Time for bday returns gifts!

For years we have purchased school stuff, toys, tiffin boxes etc as return gift. This time I wanted to try something new and fun that my and the other kiddos would enjoy. We decided on gifting the kids a pair of activity sticker books ( I see that the kids love these illustrations, activities, stickers and stories) with a coloring set. But a simple plain Jane wrapping would make it monotonous. What is more fascinating than balloons, patterns and load of imagination!


This is what we finally gave.


It pretty simple and quick to do still attractive and fun.


We used loads of patterned papers (which I bought online from ebay), balloons, paints, tapes, ribbons/ lace. Also I like the mdf call outs  (enjoy a current 5% discount on bubbles wood veneer )  as they make these gifts personalized.


The balloons are blown small and then painted with acrylic colors. For the spider I twisted the balloon to make a head. You could also make a snail, tortoise etc on a pebble or stones patterned paper (which I couldn’t find. Actually I was keen on using white and any single colored paper so that it doesn’t steal the thunder of the balloon creature)


For the legs I used wire. After wrapping the books and the crayon set, we decorated the packet with crumpled ribbons to give it an edgy  effect while for the spider we used lace (making it webby!). We used other embellishments and charms for decorations. Although I could picture all , we made sets of lady bird, beetle, colourful spiders and bumble bee


And we finally made 17 of them, with each persons’ name written on the call out mdf.


The kids were extremely glad and comparing their insects and decorations.
BGC 54, lets get Kiddish


  1. How fun! What a creative idea! Thanks for joining us at Great Impressions! :) HUGS! Mynn xx

  2. These are so cool! I love how you did the spider out of balloons! That is awesome. And I love the lady bug too. A very fun way to give a present! Thank you so much for joining us at Great Impressions! :)

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