Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All out with watercolors.

The other day I planted a whole new colors of rose moss (sun rose)  flower plants, but ever since it has just been cloudy and these beauties don’t blossom unless there is full sunshine. Im going to use this theme for card.


After crayons and color pencils, watercolors is the first wet paint introduced to kids in school, ever since I have adored its versitality. There is so much one can do with them and I wanted to try so many techniques at one go.


First to create a textured paper, I mixed water colors (from tube) with white PVA glue. I dabbed blue, yellow and red of this mixture on a glossy cardstock. I moved it randomly to let the free will of colors to mix. Then I simply made a checked pattern with a fork as you can see.



My second experiment was with tissue papers. First, I dirtied my craft mat with water colors, pink, red, yellow, white & glue and then used a tissue paper to soak it up and allowed it to dry. (The glue is used to harden the tissue although it continues to look delicate.



Thirdly, I applied a thick layer of gesso in up to down direction on card stock and after drying applied 2-3 coats of dark blue. This gives a nice matte look to the paper.

Now I had created three textures with watercolors, what better than combining it.


I made flowers with these tissue papers. I prefer not to cut them into petals, but simple tear them out ad roll them. Flowers are so random, so why not be random while making them.



I cut out leaves from the first textured paper I had created and created a flower scene. I thought some small piece of lace will do justice so added a piece in between the flowers.



Now incase you noticed the nice clear sticker sun on top of the card and are left wondering from where I got it, well, I just pulled it out from a wine bottle...I cant help but include atleast one recycled item (even if remotely) in every project.

Im quite happy with the whole look of the card and the combination of textures and colors. Just hoping this inspires the clouds to move out and let the sun shine bright over my sun moss!!

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Misting with wax pastels

What do you get when you leave a crafty kid and my craft supplies alone in a room, unattended for an hour?

 Ok, atleast this is what I got (and loads and loads of mess which I went crazy cleaning!)


My 9 year old niece had pulled out my stencil and started using it on water color paper to sketch it with a white wax oil pastel. Kids are very patient indeed! I had made homemade ink sprays and stacked them for another use. She beautifully sprayed these on stenciled sheet. When water based ink and pastels react, this is a fun  result.



I really liked the whole shabby texture and colors that were created so we converted it into a simple card.



I stamped a pattern onto various card stocks , while she colored it and cut out butterflies from these. We added a dab of glitter to the background. We arranged it to create a nice color palette and added lace for a nice look.


Am sharing this with background stamps used for butterflies and sprays



A personalised CAS

I really enjoy making crafty stuff with strong messages. Here is a card for a very close friend who is a stylist by profession.


I wanted to experiment with paint and layer technique that is to first ink/ watercolor the paper and then to randomly doodle/ sketch to cut out shapes. This method gives you lots of scope to experiment with colors and shapes, plus if you are like me and don’t plan to the T when it comes to craft projects, this one is great!


I was inspired by this picture by runwayinspired


To implement these colors, I started randomly dabbing shades of peach, red and pink. I doodled various shapes (flowers are such a great element to play with) . I used a blue pastel as I wanted an edgy outline which would not be the case with a marker. I cut out rims of these shapes and overlapped these shapes to make a flower. I have not stuck the complete shape but rates only a certain portion such that colors are seen through and through and are different from every angle.



For the face, I simple glued a yellow stretch of wool. The picture (my inspiration) also had a mirror. So, I also stuck two round mirror embellishments which serve as earrings iif you want to look at it that way.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not-so-usual birthday card

I recently made a photo card for my colleague to capture memories of his last birthday celebration with us at work.

This time I wanted to experiment with spraying ink and kraft paper. And here is what I came up with for the card cover.

I first stamped  photo set  stamps and sprayed it randomly to create a background. Later I folded a net cloth, to create a circle. After which I cut a kraft paper to create a see through pattern and stuck a “happy birthday” quote on it. From an old chocolate box I cut out triangles to make flowers and from the same box also cut out a border consisting mini triangles.
Since this needed to be masculine, this was the first time I remember using this combination of colors, but there is always a first time!!!  I usually use bright or summer colors.





And this is how it finally looked!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crafting with passion: Meet Sujana

Let me introduce you to a fellow crafter Sujana. I call her an "intelligent" crafter with a unique ability to create projects with fun folds, which are interactive and have a surprise elements. Her cards, boxes and scrapbooks are filled with utilities, thrill and bring smiles. Take some time to check out her pretty explosions Boxes, aren't they adorable. Its amazing how she manages to make time to create these beauties , while she is a mother to two young kids: 4 year old girl and 2 yr old boy (that indeed encourages me to make some more time for crafting!)

She has recently completed her 100th post and has designed an all new logo for her blog. I have become her all new follower, why don't you check out

To celebrate this journey she is giving a blog candy , a voucher from the craftshop. You can click on image on my side bar to know more.

Hope you have fun checking out her work, atleast I did. Cheers!

Button buttons

I have loads of buttons and sewing materials lying in my stash..I thought of using them in this black and bronze LO.

I was inspired by the picture on Julia Stainton blog and was all charged up to experiment with buttons.

I created a layout with bronze, black and white....stuck a floral die cut and used buttons, ribbon flowers randomly. I think i have not photographed it too well (thanks to the poor weather here)....but it does look quite chic to me! Challenge #14 Button it Up!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rainy Day Card

This weekend I spent most of the time at home (since it was raining) making paper boats and sailing them in puddles with my kid and really enjoyed myself…..



I wanted to make a craft to capture this memory. What better than a clean and simple rain day card.
I love watercolors, feels like back to the basics….I wanted to experiment with white color. Hence created a water effect background as water ripples on a blue card stock

To create this texture you can rub a gelato stick (white) in circles, to create a puddle effect you can further move a thin brush dipped in water around it. This will all some creamy texture of gelatos and water touches to blend beautifully. With the same brush you can create drops of water with simple dots ...

 The banner “Rainy Day Fun” is hand written with copic markers and colored in water color pencils. These markers are great as they are water proof and water color pencil are superb to work in small areas and details

For the clouds, I crumpled white paper and dabbed pink which is distress ink worn lipstick to the creases….
Further I sketched a tree and a frog with copic markers and once again colored with water color pencils.
Click on the pic for a larger view

I sketched a girl and used a Patterned paper to make the girl’s raincoat and boots. The most difficult part was making mini paper ships each around just a centimeter long....But I enjoyed the idea of going mini!


While i wait for this to dry, may be you can sing along "Row row row your boat, gently down the stream...merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream"...happy rainy day everyone!!

Copic Markers
Pink flowers- PP
Water color pencils
Water based Gelato
Low gsm papers to make boats n clouds
Blue card stock
Peach twine for the banner
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 BGC#57 - Watercolors PP fun

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tag..Going nuts

Made a tag “Going Nuts!”…….Cos this is exactly how I was feeling yesterday juggling between work , hobbies and chores!




I wanted to work on black card stock on which i used spray to highlight "Nuts". Used stamped acorn , spread color with my fingers to create a nutty background. The squirrel is hand sketched and I enjoyed making the fuzzy tail. I used a paw punch in weird directions (after all, im going nuts)

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Mixed Media canvas combined with upcyling (wall art)

Here is my altered canvas I made for my own home......All sorts of techniques or arts, crafts and upcycling have been used.... Well, I went with the black and white tiles coz these suit my curtains and interiors.....

To start with I took an old window frame of wood which was to be disposed...That should give you a good idea of its size ...approximately 3.5 feet in height....I wrapped this with canvas cloth which has been lying with me since ages (had bought it for some stich-work but never used it much) so it had many creases, stains, tears and cuts (ironing also could not do away with these)....However the task was to use these creases to compliment the work, so I used these patches to gives light and shadow effect wherever damaged, stick accessories, wherever torn or cut......
The major task was to nail the canvas to the frame. Once done, I marked out areas which required covering up or had folds...Accordingly I made a sketch according to make this balcony scene....

So what are the techniques used.........The base painting is of acrylic paints....On the right side (the scene outside the balcony. I have used decoupage technique and modge podge (of course to seal the holes) and intentionally kept jolly light colors to portray the brighter ide of the world!. Have used  some water colors to fill empty patches and to give a sky effect..The balcony railing is a 3D black outliner. I used this medium such that it reflects light and look like metal/ grill work...

In the balcony I have placed some cats made out of paper mache...I chose this medium as paper mache is great to give a 3 D effect and when I put on the light on the wall to which this is framed, it throws a nice real cat shadow.....

I have also made a glass bowl which is a cut out from an old plastic packaging material  and colored with see through glass paints to give the water effect (and also under the light it throws a nice blue shadows like real water bowls).....

Coming to the  right side of the canvas (this was tough as there were to many holes spread across and I have used folds of the cloth as wall corners which worked very well) I have accessorised the painting using some embellishments, buttons, pearls and glass pieces. Around the mirror to create a wire look I have used some paper quilling techniques and colored in bronze…

The wall clock is my favourite….II it’s a real operational clock I have built of an old wrist watch …I have carefully dismantled and rearranged the watch to make it a real miniature wall clock…

Don't miss my pencil sketch in the extreme corner which is framed in an anklet giving it a vintage look.

I really loved the whole look. And one fine day when no one was at home I got this framed on my wall to see everyone pleasantly surprised in the evening!!!
Here is a glimpse of some of the basic materials used
Other supplies: watercolor set American crafts, paper matte finish modge podge, acrylic paints, other embellishments as mentioned above.

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Anything goes Anything goes anything goes with pearls

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wonderful crafts

Today I came across a wonderful crafter Babi (Brazilian, married, librarian by training and passionate about crafts) who has a beautiful craft blog ..I just two a long 30 mins to scroll through her pretty crafty creations and have become a follower.

Infact one of her recent summer beach projects is adorable color combinations and design. Have a look.....

Isnt it pretty? She is also now a Designer for Magnolia Sweden (Congrats again!)....Follow the below link to see her recent work and also the August giveaway...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A nautical memory card

Hello people, I m very excited to share with you may latest distress ink project, a card I dedicate to a Naval officer. Well, I was touched by a true and simple story of a Naval officer (For those who want to read it, I have detailed it at the end) and those thoughts encourage me to take up this project.

 For the craft technique for long I wanted to try Distress Ink Crumpled Kraft Suede ...I finally used it to create the sail of the card.

The ship serves as a flap to open the card.  

 I crumpled,tore edges of the front flap to make it look like a sail and heavily distressed it. I have tried giving a sunset look to the inside of the card. For distressing I used black soot, vintage photo, rusty hinge, mustard seed.




I embossed some old coins onto foil to depict old times( slightly dabbed with alcohol ink). Further stuck and stamped some other embellishments to add a vintage & nautical look.
I have used sentiments which very closely relate to the story that inspired to to make this project(below)


I am really thrilled by the used of distress ink and am feeling greedy to possess all the shades they have!!!

I also think this a great way to celebrate the independence day month!

My Inspiration story:

I usually keep my posts short and sweet but today I want to share with you a true story that has inspired me to make this project. Everyday while I leave for work or take my kid to the park I greet an old lady who sits in her rocking chair in her yard. The other day I happened to chat with her a little longer than usual when she invited me home. Her living room was full of Indian Navy related photos, frames and show pieces. While we looked around, she mentioned that she and her husband both were employed with the Indian navy where they met, fell in love and got married. She worked in the Navy medical department while he was then a naval officer.  However after she had her son she decided to stay at home while her husband continued to serve the navy. As a new development, the Indian Navy had started to not only secure the Indian maritime borders but also serve as disaster relief. Hence she rarely met her husband. They used to exchange letters, postcards as the prime mode of communication. Each time India was at war she used to spend hours in her prayer room, read every newspaper and keep checking on his safety. Many a times she did not know about his ware bouts as he used to be  on confidential missions.

While I chatted with her over coffee she was kind enough to open a file she had maintained with all  their letters, newspaper cuttings, photos and postcards. She recited tales of bravery, kindness , passion and love of her husband who lost his life in 2008 in a Somalia mission, the same day her granddaughter was born. Her eyes were burning with memories, and as she narrated I visualized the whole 40 years of their marriage.


The only thing she lives for and by are these memories, some of which she has packed in her file. She said she doesn’t feel sad, weak or old because each time she taps her memories it brings zest and youth.
While I was making this I was thinking of the time flies theme on vintage journey set out by Chris. Entering to this challenge.

 The theme set by Karen this month “Nautical” is a perfect theme for my current mindset. Entering this to


I have scratched, tattered and crumpled my sail to appear "grungy" (a talent mastered by Suzz and Mona of simonsaysstamp blog DT)………………linking to 

Word Play

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lace love

A simple element like lace can add a lot of grace to a card. I had a tough time choosing an inspiration from the CASEstudy DT as they are all wonderful…I call them a super 13 DT!

Inspired by






I decided to use a lot of lace on my card.


Here it is
Dear Crafters, Join me in participating in this blog hop.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another cool candy

I am in love with and their candy series....
 What a sweet stamp this one is

Just click on the below link to add your name to it to win this candy....

Even better just follow the blog if you don't already!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

All about inks for craft


I set out to buy inks but wanted to research a little about the types and characteristics of inks....

Came across some nice reads very comprehensive


Monday, August 4, 2014

Finger puppets

This is a fun activity to do with a child and they love it

Cat and dog

These finger puppets are easy to make just using felt cloth and fabric glue (you could also stitch it if you like)
Mouse and Lion

You can narrate an entire story between 2 or three animals in different voices. The kids will also enjoy narrating a story to one another or make these puppets themselves...

Here is an entire set of 5 animals my 8 year old niece made to entertain my 2 year old....I love her mouse...its cute and ugly!!!

I have attached a printable of a caterpillar for you to try. However if you want of any other animals do leave a comment and I will get back to you.
Plus my niece will be glad to share the sketches of her 5 animals above!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

nursery rhyme pop up card

Here is another fun filled nursery rhyme inspired learning card….Do you remember this one?

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey;

Along came a spider,

Who sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away.



Here is my functional card with pop up features inside, a ribbon scroll to roll up and play with, some learning for the little ones and loads of imagination.


Every word in the nursery rhyme is used to the fullest and there is a clear transition. The Ms Muffet sketch cut out is stuck with spring (aligned to the tuffet) and appears bubbly enjoying her curd and whey (hope the kids get less fussy about food watching this!). Her tuffet is 3D, made by wrapping a matchbox with patterned paper. I have cut green polka dotted patterned paper (stuck on cardstock) in thin strips and twirled it for fun grass effect. Well you can also use is as an handle to open and shut the card!

For the face of the card I used a combination of yellow and orange card stock, cut out birds, a cat, grass and trees from various patterned papers. I have used pearl embellishment to decorate the brick wall.

 For a wall (brick) effect, I made my own stencil (from an OHP sheet) and an home made modeling paste

For writing the poem, I have simply used a piece a ribbon attached to a straw wrapped in glitter paper. Got my kid to write the poem on it to  personalise the card.


Inside the card is the fun part. Again, have used a combination of yellow and orange, but instead of modelling paste have misted with stencil for brick effect with white ink (or else it would become too thick).

Note the pop up spider web (have used the traditional origami technique for cutting the web) and a big black spider  (have dabbed it with white ink). The other pop up features are simple pop up cuts, so when you open the card, Ms Muffet, curd bowl and the startled cat stand up.


Once again to create the effect and fallen curd and whey I have used home made modeling paste mixed with some colors, and used a paw punch to create and effect of pug marks of the frightened cat.

On top don’t miss the ribbon scroll to which I have attached a small piece of Velcro. Firstly it is thrilling to open the scroll , secondly since I cut out the patch for creating a 3D tuffet, this scroll functions as a cover for the cut out patch. Once done, you can simply stick it back and fold the card.  
Lastly I have cut the polka dotted patterned paper in semi circles to create a scene.

Here are some other pics depicting transition after the spider appears and Ms Muffet shouts

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