Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crafting with passion: Meet Sujana

Let me introduce you to a fellow crafter Sujana. I call her an "intelligent" crafter with a unique ability to create projects with fun folds, which are interactive and have a surprise elements. Her cards, boxes and scrapbooks are filled with utilities, thrill and bring smiles. Take some time to check out her pretty explosions Boxes, aren't they adorable. Its amazing how she manages to make time to create these beauties , while she is a mother to two young kids: 4 year old girl and 2 yr old boy (that indeed encourages me to make some more time for crafting!)

She has recently completed her 100th post and has designed an all new logo for her blog. I have become her all new follower, why don't you check out

To celebrate this journey she is giving a blog candy , a voucher from the craftshop. You can click on image on my side bar to know more.

Hope you have fun checking out her work, atleast I did. Cheers!


  1. oooh wow.... Urvashi u made a separate post on my giveaway. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Ur blog looks interesting. U work on a lot of different stuff. I had a good time going thru them.
    Am ur new follower now :) and dont forget to add my blog to ur blog roll

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