Thursday, July 3, 2014

The much ado about Star lantern….

Last Christmas my daughter turned 1 year old. I remember she used to cry while teething, vaccination etc and there was only Yesterday one solution….Take her to the balcony and point out to a Star lantern hanging in our neighbors house. . .  Now she is far bigger (I mean by 6 months) but her love for star lantern has only grown. So, yesterday I decided to hang a star lantern in our balcony. But where do I find a star lantern in this season when the monsoon is ready to kick in and all shops are displaying only raincoats and umbrellas……….An easy solutions I thought…make a star lantern. . . I also involved her in the project (allowed her to color and stick glitter…..

And here it is….


You can download this layout if you like. You will need five of these



You will need card paper (You can experiment with different colors and prints)



The five side cut-outs…. (At this stage you can punch holes, paint etc all before sticking)


 You need paper , glue and thread to hang it. As per the layout , the dotted line is where you must fold the paper inwards like a cone. Apply glue on the pink line. Stick the pink flap to the next cone forming a chain. The last one you can keep open if to want to insert a bulb. You can insert a thread at the sticking joint if you want to hang it .  And the lantern finally



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