Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wall clock............My successful Plastic experiment...

Loved the outcome, its different, light in weight and chic....

So much plastic lying all around.  I was looking for more ways to innovate. I wanted to experiment with the Polystyrene (eg, yogurt container, Kids chocolate packaging) type of plastic in particular since it has a low heating point. So I collected all sorts of these plastic packing materials, cut them into small bits (if you have a shredding machine, it will be far easier)....Now the challenge is to heat it. You and me know that when plastic burns it leaves dangerous fumes. Hence I just wanted t heat it and not burn it to attain certain flexibility.

So I gathered several packaging materials, orange, blue, green, white, non opaque as you can see. Arranged them in a grouped pattern and packed it tightly in a round aluminum baking tray lined with a baking sheet. I left it on the terrace in the hot scorching sun for 5 hours (which helped the material drastically soften. With a magnifying glass (if u remember as kids we did this a lot in school) I concentrated the sun rays in certain areas which cased the material to nicely merge into each other as you can see. This activity already merged the particles into one sheet after which I simply painted, decorated and varnished it. I worked with a local watch shop to get the clock movement in place.

Unfortunately I didn't know this would turn out this good, it was just an experiment. So I dint click step by step photos. However for those of you interested I found a similar technique online .

However if you do not want to go to this trouble you could simply work with ready made reisin granule you get in online shops.

Warning: This process does leave harmful gas and has been performed in a well ventilated area using a respiratory mask.


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