Monday, June 16, 2014

Do it with the kids

As we grow up our minds our conditioned to think a certain way without realizing the restrictions they bring upon us. Try asking a 13 year old to describe a picture of a cat and ask a 3 year old to do the same. The 13 year will make u feel stupid for asking this in the first place but after insisting may sum it up saying “It has four legs, is sly, sleeps all the time and sneaks in to steal fish”…Whilst the 3 year old will give you a long passionate description. Will refer to the cat as her or him, it is not four legged but has two feet and two hands and will definitely comment on the tail. Will describe its various colors, eyes, whiskers, size, textures, habits etc….All this cause they are still in the process of discovering it. . . And that is what keeps them going. The day you stop discovering new things in your work, families, people around you, they get boring and you take them for granted…..Anyway, you deal with yourself some other time! ..But you should work with your kids to make their own life interesting, open their minds and keep the zing alive forever.


Its only after I had my own did Ii realize there is so much to learn from the kids. Its only after I started conducting workshops with them did I realize that they overflow with ideas and they know how to deal with them (most of us adults can’t, we need music, quick bites, a drink , a smoke or atleast company to get us going in that direction). In my creative workshops with grown- ups I teach them art and crafts, have a clear agenda to craft flowers or paint a landscape, while with kids I just enable them with art craft techniques and their minds conquer the rest. So I have decided to create a page on my blog to list things you can do with your kids. …..

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