Saturday, September 13, 2014

Creating water color backgrounds in 60 seconds

Water colors are a great medium to create vibrant backgrounds. I experiment a lot with these and today I want to share a fun technique which I call “water play” which takes less than 60 seconds if you are working on a 16” X 16” paper (smaller means lesser time). This works best on water color paper, however works reasonably well on any other paper which is does not resist water (like gloss). II have tried it with regular chart paper, card stock and thin gsm printer paper….It worked with all.

 The whole technique just lets water do its job (to merge and flow) while you just either draw lines, or introduced drops of water color at different intervals.

Another unique thing is you just need primary colors, red, yellow, blue to work this. I have tried black and white but you can’t be so random with them.

 This is best to make quick landscapes, waterscapes and skyscapes and use it as a background. You can also doodle, stamp or emboss on these.

 And I promise it takes less than 60 seconds(except the drying time) and you can just never go wrong.

If you are trying it remember the most important thing…..just have fun, water and colors will always throw a new surprise at you, and you will love it.

I created 3 other such backgrounds and will use it for some of my future projects.

Just a quick note , water color does become a tad lighter once dry, so do not fear using darker shades if need be.

PS: I used watercolor set by American Crafts for this one!!!


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