Friday, January 10, 2014

Show piece (paper mache)

Made a bathing dame out of thrash lying around the house...........

Used a wire that was string to last years diary to create a model skeleton, head of the garlic pod, kitchen tools (knife, scissors etc) and made glue of flour (which was lying open since we went out and had caught bugs)  and water.....and a roll of toilet tissue!!!
I shaped the wire to create a base. I tore the tissue into small bits and let it soak in the sun for a day....Added some flour and water (also salt to avoid molds) and made in into a dough consistency.. . .I shaped a woman with the tissue dough around the wire and let it dry. In the mean while, I picked a plastic packaging material thrashed outside a grocery shop and painted it to give water effect. I further tore the remaining tissue and stuffed it in the tub to give a lather effect...

After shaping the tissue pulp I let it dry in the sun for another day. Next day I painted it with acrylic paints and coated it with varnish. Made her wine glass out of plastic bag. Stuck some accessories for the charm...

Kept in on the bathroom shelf as a show piece!!



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