Saturday, January 21, 2012

Art box DIY

This is my attempt to combine art and craft....Everyone at work seemed absolutely tired and deserved some (cheap) thrills... so I thought I would do it for some of my colleagues to keep on their desks!

It required me to take a simple sheet of square paper...whatever width sheet you take (for example 24 inches), divide it by 4. The number you get should be the dimension of each square (in this case it would be 6 inches). Just outline these 6X6 squares with a pencil.

And in each of these squares you can make a sketch that you like (keep in mind the folds of the balloon box!....I made quick basic human sketches (for my colleagues, I pasted a pictures of Drew Barrymore and George Clooney to keep them going).

Once this is done, the paper has to folded in a paper balloon style (refer to any origami instructions) and that’s all it takes.

I made some yoga posture sketches to remind myself of it...

I also tried to use the fold flaps to draw a lady under a veil and a cat sleeping under a desk.

1 comment:

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