Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty gift bag

This is my first post this year and thank you everyone who liked my worked and made my day by leaving your comments.

The festive season always brings loads of inspiration for me. This month at unstampabelles, is to create a thank you memento with a twist to take inspiration from something just outside the window. So as I head to my window, this is what I see looking closer.

So taking inspiration from this I decided to make a Thank you gift bag. I made plenty of these as a return gift for my daughters birthday now.
This is a quick goodie bag I made up of hand made paper. I also made crepe paper flowers and added silver twine as a handle.

Well, I made 20 of these and packed them with toys and chocolates. They are quick to make, fun to decorate and add a whole new flavor to the gifts. And kids love them (as much as the mommies!)