Friday, November 28, 2014

Cake decoration spree

Recently I went on a cake decoration are some pics of the cakes I baked and decorated. Most of it is buttercream icing but some figures are fondant.

Everyone enjoyed eating it..especially the little fondant animals

This is a vanilla cake

This is a strawberry jam cake

Sum of parts


Monday, November 17, 2014

Sand Art Rangoli

Hey all..I have been extremely busy with the festive season and plenty of birthday celebrations in my family. This is a rather delayed post but here is a quick glimpse of some of the Sand Art (Rangoli) I made this season. For all those who are not familiar with Diwali, in India this is a very important festival of lights, color, food and firecrackers...Ofcourse lots to do for crafters, chefs and artists also. Cleaning, decorating, preparing delicacies, gifting and vacationing is typically what we all do.

Something most Indian Homes do is draw a rangoli at the entrance of their how like a welcome gesture. Rangoli these days is a colorful sand/ marble powder which is thrown into patterns and shapes to create great pieces of art or design.  Here is a glimpse of the Rangoli I made at our entrance.....
This one was huge 6 X 6 feet

this one was smaller 3 feet...

Come sunset, and we light up with tea candles


And lastly, I cant resist but share with u a glimpse of these colorful sugar puffs i made


Yes, if you did notice, this festive I was obsessed with peacocks!!!..I even ensured everyone in my house was wearing peacock- colored dresses!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mini dressing table for a doll house

November 14 is celebrated as children's day so I thought of making a dressing table box unit for my kids doll house (something I have been promising her for long).
This month the theme for the unstampabelles challenges is - Box it up - with the twist being create a tutorial for others on your  blog on how the box was made; you could have a link and show progress photos and tips as an alternative . The challenge is sponsored by:


Well, this time I interpreted the theme box it up differently.  I thought out of the box quite literally!!! I decided to use boxes to create a miniature box unit dressing table, for a doll house.
So I gathered a couple of match boxes and cardboard. I measured an area (in my kids doll house) where I wanted to place this and cut out the cardboard as below.
Since I wanted to work on a grungy look, I tattered the cardboard as you can see and then folded it to my dimension. Remember the side flaps have to equate to the height of the table. Further, I used the natural corrugated portion of the cardboard to form the rims of the table.
For the drawers I stacked the 3 boxes on top of each other.
I covered the whole box unit with a crumpled masking tape to create an uneven texture. Yes I know it looks ugly at this stage.

There on I have done the following to get to the next stage:
  1. Coated the masking tape with black gesso.
  2. Next rubbed silver embossing powder onto the black with a sponge. At this stage naturally the protruding portion gets colored.
  3. I cut out an oval shape of thick paper and coated it with foil for making a mirror.
  4. Since I did not have a mirror border chipboard of this size, i decided to go with a cut out from a piece of lace.
  5. After having picked the lace you want to use, cut it to dimension and dip it in glue, such that it hardens when dry and become stiff.
  6. Post this I dabbed it again with black gesso.
  7. The small beads paired very well with color combo and used that for my drawers and mirror.

This is a fully operational dressing table, with usable drawers (for the doll!).

hope you like my piece of furniture, all boxed up....
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